Located in Milan Caldera, in the area with the highest density of IP networks in Italy, crossroads of the Italian Internet traffic, Avalon 1 is the heart of the Avalon Campus.

Avalon 1 hosts more than 165 Operators, Cloud Providers, OTTs and streaming platforms, and Customers can easily interconnect with any of them. All the Data Centers of the Avalon Campus are connected via a large number of fiber cables so that Customers hosted in Avalon 2 and Avalon 3 can interconnect with any Operator in Avalon 1.
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8,900 sqm distributed over 4 buildings

25 data rooms

Power usage 4,3 Mw

Ground floor 1,500 kg/sqm

Cabinets, private suites and customized cages


The distributed optical infrastructure connects all the buildings and the rooms of Avalon 1, enabling quick and easy connections among the cabinets / cages and the other Data Centers, including the MIX.
  • +7,000 m of fiber cable with 144 strands
  • 4 main nodes, one for each building
  • 15 aggregation nodes to gather Customers’ cables
The Meet-me-Rooms have been extended to include Avalon 2 and Avalon 3, thus creating a single large virtual data center: all Customers hosted in any Avalon Campus Data Center can easily interconnect to the networks of the 165+ Operators already hosted in Avalon 1.


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Well-equipped spaces

Where securely host your IT infrastructures: you can choose between ½ rack or entire rack according to your needs. We can also arrange cages and customized delimited areas.
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Interconnections with MIX – NAPs

Available inside any Avalon 1 Data Centers for direct connection to MIX and to the main NAPs.
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Dark fiber

Thanks to the availability of dark fiber connections you can interconnect to any data center and Operators within the Caldera Business Park.
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Pre-cabling services

Our experts set up the interconnection infrastructure to speed up the delivery and upgrade of your Data Center services.
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Hands & Eyes

Hands & Eyes service gives access to our team of engineers to perform basic maintenance operations on your equipment, keeping you updated in real-time on your servers status.
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H24 monitoring and management

Avalon 1 is protected 24/7 by security guards and the network infrastructure is always monitored by the IRIDEOS NOC. Furthermore, our technical staff is at your disposal for all the operations in the data centers, from energy management to access to the data rooms.

100% GREEN

All the data centers in Avalon 1 are powered by 100% energy produced from certified renewable sources.

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Settimo Milanese

Located in Settimo Milanese, less than 3 Km from Avalon 1 in via Caldera, Avalon 2 is the first expansion of the Avalon Campus. FIND OUT MORE


Via Bisceglie, Milan

Avalon 3, part of Avalon Campus, is the new hyper-connected and sustainable data center in Milan, certified Rating 4- ANSI TIA. FIND OUT MORE