Located in Settimo Milanese, less than 3 km from the Avalon 1 in via Caldera, Avalon 2 is the first expansion of the Avalon Campus.
In Avalon 2 Enterprises, Resellers, ISPs and Carriers can connect their architecture with the Operators already hosted in Avalon 1, thanks to the new distributed Meet-Me-Room.

Avalon 2 and Avalon 1 are interconnected via two different fiber optic paths up consisting of 192 fiber cables (growing to 720). A transport network that reaches up to 400 Gbit/s is also available.

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300 sqm

Ground floor 1,500 kg/sq

IT power 650 kW

Hot/cold isles

Cages & Private Suites


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Innovative spaces

Avalon 2 has been designed with the best technologies to achieve the highest levels of performance, efficiency and safety.
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Distributed meet-me-room

All buildings and data rooms of the Avalon Campus (Avalon 1, Avalon 2 and Avalon 3) are fiber connected, creating a single large virtual data center.
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Direct access to public cloud

Avalon 2, as part of the Avalon Campus, is the regional gateway for Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud (AWS via MIX).
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Cross connections to +165 operators

Customers who are in Avalon 2 can interconnect to the 165+ operators hosted in Avalon 1 in via Caldera.
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H24 monitoring and management

The Network Operating Center constantly monitoring the data center network infrastructure and our specialised personnel is available h24 for all the activities inside the data center, from energy management to guaranteed access.


Avalon 2 is powered by 100% renewable energy and has been designed with innovative technologies to be energy efficient and sustainable.

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Via Caldera, Milan

Located in Milan Caldera, in the area with the highest density of IP networks in Italy, crossroads of the Italian Internet traffic, Avalon 1 is the heart of the Avalon Campus. FIND OUT MORE


Via Bisceglie, Milan

Avalon 3, part of Avalon Campus, is the new hyper-connected and sustainable data center in Milan, certified Rating 4- ANSI TIA. FIND OUT MORE