Located in via Bisceglie, within the Municipality of Milan in the area with the highest density of Data Centers and optical fibers, Avalon 3 is built just over 4 km away from the data rooms of Avalon 1 in via Caldera to which it is connected via a large number of optical fibers on different physical paths.

Avalon 3 has been designed according to the international ratings Rating 4 – ANSI / TIA-942 and Tier IV-Uptime Institute (in progress). They certify the highest level of availability of a data center with 99.99% uptime per year.

Thanks to the modern interconnection architecture, the distributed meet-me-room, companies, operators and public administrations who are in Avalon 3, can interconnect with the over 165 Carriers, OTTs, Cloud providers and content delivery platforms already hosted in the other rooms of the Avalon Campus, as if they were in a single extended room.

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3,500 sqm

Ground floor 1,500 kg/sqm

Hot/cold isles

Staging room & Storage room

Cages & Private Suites


Certified ANSI/TIA 942 – Rated 4 and Uptime Institute – Tier IV.
Environmental sustainability certification according to LEED 4V GOLD.


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Hyperconnected hub

Avalon 3, together with Avalon 1 and Avalon 2, forms a single virtual Data Center, covering approximately 13,000 sqm (140,000 square feet) with a total capacity of over 2,600 racks.
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At the heart of Italian Internet

In Avalon 3 companies can host their own equipment or entire data centers to reach more easily their final customers or to access advanced digital services, by taking advantage of the networks of the over 165 Operators already hosted in the Avalon Campus, to which they can interconnect with a simple fiber cross connect.
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Cloud Exchange

In Avalon 3 Customers may have direct access to public clouds. Avalon Campus is, in fact, the Italian regional gateway for Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS (AWS via MIX).
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Certified at the highest levels

Avalon 3 complies with the highest international standards: Rating 4 – ANSI / TIA-942 which evaluates the resilience of a data center, that is its ability to guarantee the continuity of the provided services; Tier which is the highest level of availability a data center can offer, providing 99.99% uptime per year. Avalon 3 is completely redundant in terms of electrical power, ooling and network systems.
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H24 monitoring and management

Avalon 3 is protected 24/7 by security guards. The entire Data Center is equipped with an advanced video surveillance system with motion detection. The Data Center network infrastructure is monitored 24 hours a day by the NOC.
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Avalon 3 has been designed with the most innovative technologies to guarantee the highest performance: 3.2 MW of IT power, redundant electric generators and UPSs, sustainable and redundant cooling system, innovative fire protection system with zero environmental impact


Powered by 100% renewable energy, Avalon 3 has been designed to reduce the use of energy for cooling, reaching a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.3. The building hosting the Data Center, named FRAME, and Avalon 3 itself, are LEED v4. The Gold standard achieved guarantees sustainability not only in terms of energy and water usage, but also in terms of materials and construction processes.

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Via Caldera, Milan

Located in Milan Caldera, in the area with the highest density of IP networks in Italy, crossroads of the Italian Internet traffic, Avalon 1 is the heart of the Avalon Campus. FIND OUT MORE


Settimo Milanese

Located in Settimo Milanese, less than 3 Km from Avalon 1 in via Caldera, Avalon 2 is the first expansion of the Avalon Campus. FIND OUT MORE